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Warriors for Warriors Sponsorship Opportunities

Thank you for considering a Sponsorship donation.

With so many veteran-focused charities asking for your support, why sponsor Warriors for Warriors in support of Operation Restored Warrior?

The Cause, The Efficiency, The Results, The Significance of Need and Use of Money

The Cause. 

22+ veterans with severe PTSD commit suicide each day. The number is actually much higher because 1/3 of the states, including California, don’t report statistics in terms of veteran suicides. Addictive drugs are not helping, counseling is not curing, fun outdoor distractions are nice but they don’t last, and the government does not know what to do. Operation Restored Warrior has a unique and very successful approach where warriors heal warriors, by bringing them to the true points of their pain and then working on them to resolve them and let them go permanently. There is a suicide epidemic and now you can help.

Efficiency- Donate wisely to those who will use your money wisely.
  • Warriors for Warriors is run entirely by volunteers and we get services, items and facilities donated to keep overhead low.
  • As validated by the US Government, 96.4% of money donated to ORW goes to healing veterans of PTSD, free of charge
  • ORW only has 3.6% going to overhead. Nobody at ORW, not even the founder or the CEO takes a salary.
  • Each $1500 of your Sponsorship will literally save the life if a good person who sacificed so much for you and your customers.
Results – Donate to get tangible results that make a difference
  • ORW has worked with 700+ veterans since 2008 and not a single one has committed suicide.
  • ORW focuses on delivering results that last a lifetime, not just serve as a kind but short term distraction from mental anguish
  • When you heal a veteran’s PTSD and save their life, you also help a child keep their parent, a wife keep the husband and a parent keep their child. Our work helps the veteran and the entire family for the long term.
Significance of the Need – high demand, limited current capacity
  • 22+ veterans commit suicide each day. The government does not want to admit that there is a problem and they don’t know how to fix it. Addictive drugs are not the answer.
  • At current funding levels, ORW has the capacity to 6 veterans each month, but their backlog is 150+ struggling veterans who have reached out and are waiting for help.
  • ORW has the desire and a plan to expand to three locations and increase their capacity to be able to help 18 veterans each month. Funding is the constraint and they need our help.

If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor, download the sponsorship presentation or please email us.

Warriors for Warriors is an IRS designated 501c3
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